AM-PAC Short Forms,6 clicks,Outpatient, Presurgical and Homecare

AM-PACTM Short Forms assess function in three different domains:

Basic Mobility: assess basic movement and physical mobility activities Daily Activity: assess basic self-care and instrumental activities of daily life Applied Cognitive: assess higher-level cognitive or executive functions

The AM-PAC forms are licensed for 1 year. A separate license is needed for each clinical site. For example, if a hospital plans to use the Short forms  on the inpatient units, 3 outpatient PT/OT clinics and 1 Home Care divisional office, 5 licenses would be needed

Different AM-PACTM Short Forms for each domain were developed for different settings and levels of function. AM-PACTM Short Form items for each of the three domains were drawn from the same calibrated item banks; therefore, scores from different Short Forms in a specific domain (i.e., Basic Mobility, Daily Activity, Applied Cognitive) can be compared as a patient progresses from an inpatient to an outpatient setting, even though different AM-PACTM Short Forms were used in each setting. 



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