Our Mission
CREcare develops and implements state-of-the-art clinical outcome measurement systems to provide clients with the information needed to improve the quality and efficiency of the care they deliver.

Our History
CREcare, LLC was established in May, 2005. Our goal is to assist clients in developing and implementing programs to measure clinical outcomes. It is our belief that quality improvement and organizational financial success are linked. We provide the tools to measure the relationship between clinical outcomes and the inputs to care. This information allows our clients to deliver care in the most efficient and effective manner.

Our Future
CREcare will be a catalyst for improving post-acute care by introducing state–of-the-art clinical outcomes measures and working with organizations to analyze and use outcomes data to improve processes of care. As our measures and systems become widely adopted, CREcare will use data to provide external benchmarking for the rehabilitation industry and help payers, providers and consumers make informed decisions about post-acute care service delivery.